Corianne Rogalsky, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Speech and Hearing Science at Arizona State University, a faculty member of the Neuroscience IGDP, and an affiliated faculty of the Department of Psychology at ASU. As director of the Communication Neuroimaging and Neuroscience Laboratory, Dr. Rogalsky's research program investigates the neural computations involved in speech and music perception, and how these processes interact with memory, control, and motor systems. Dr. Rogalsky uses functional MRI, high-resolution structural MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, and neuropsychological methods to study speech recovery in a variety of populations, including patients with stroke, aphasia, and/or epilepsy. Her lab is a member and data hub for the NIH-funded Multi-site Aphasia Research Consortium (MARC). Dr. Rogalsky's work has widespread clinical implications regarding treatment and diagnosis of speech disorders, as well as functional neuroimaging-guided rehabilitation programs.

Corianne Rogalsky, Ph.D.

Haoze Zhu is a PhD student in Speech and Hearing Sciences at ASU, with a concentration in Auditory and Language Neuroscience. He 
received his master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Tianjin University in January 2016. His research interests include speech processing in healthy adults and individuals with post-stroke aphasia, as well as using neuroimaging to better understand aphasia. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming and spend time with friends/family.

Haoze Zhu
  1. PhD Student

  2. Alexis Basciano is a PhD student in Speech and Hearing Sciences at ASU, with a concentration in Auditory and Language Neuroscience. 
    Lexi received her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Health from Penn State in May 2019. She began communication disorder research during her undergraduate career at Penn State studying cognition in adults on the autism spectrum. She spent one year assisting with functional neuroimaging research in individuals with aphasia at Penn State. Her research interests include language and cognitive processes in individuals with communication disorders, particularly individuals with aphasia. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and catching up with friends.

Alexis Basciano
  1. PhD Student

    1. Elizabeth (Elise)  is a Master’s student in the Communication Disorders program at ASU. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakota in 2011. In 2019, she received her SLPA Certificate and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Communication Sciences and Disorders from ASU. Her research interests include speech and language processing in adults with aphasia, as well as other neurological communication disorders. Additionally, she is interested in how less-researched cognitive deficits such as attention and inhibition affect individuals with aphasia. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, climbing, and yoga.

    Elizabeth DePinto, B.A., SLPA
    Stroke Project Coordinator & Communication Disorders Master's student

    1. Yi-Ting is a master's student in Auditory and Language Neuroscience at ASU.

    Yi-Ting Hsueh
    Auditory & Language Neuroscience Master's student

    1. Saahi
      thi is an undergraduate student at Barrett, the Honors College at ASU. She is studying Biomedical Informatics with a minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences and a certificate in Computational Life Sciences. Her research interests include analyzing stroke survivors' MRI data in relation to their cognitive abilties, and comparing brain lesions to variability in speech patterns and cognitive functions. Her hobbies include cooking, listening to music, singing, and going on night walks. In her spare time, she enjoys musical theatre and hopes to one day pursue a lead role on Broadway. 

    1. Saahithi Mallapragada
    2. Undergraduate Research Assistant

    Alumni (in alphabetical order)

    • Nicole Blumenstein, Honors Student
    • Julia Cai, M.S., CCC-SLP
    • Alvaro Diaz
    • Megan Fitzhugh, PhD
    • Celest Hammonds
    • Angela Hemesath
    • Gretchen Hays, M.S., CCC-SLP
    • Taylor Hickok, M.S., CCC-SLP
    • Chloe Houlihan, M.S.
    • Lisa Johnson, ARES Student
    • Arianna LaCroix, PhD, M.S., CCC-SLP
    • Soren Mickelsen, Honors Student
    • Cassandra Rehwalt, Honors Student
    • McKayla Tully
    • Peter Whitehead
    • Yuji Yi, Ph.D.