ASU’s Auditory & Language Neuroscience Master's Degree Program

*Announcement: Applications are now being accepted for the Auditory & Language Neuroscience Master’s Degree Program!*


The MS degree program in auditory and language neuroscience in the College of Health Solutions trains scholars in basic and applied research in the fields of auditory and language neuroscience to prepare them for doctoral-level graduate studies as well as for positions in science, health care and industry. In addition to cutting-edge coursework in general and computational neuroscience, this program also includes hands-on training in instrumentation and research applications. Students develop a strong foundation to conduct impactful neuroscience research related to auditory and language processing and human communication.

The MS degree program in auditory and language neuroscience offers customized hands-on research training opportunities, including two lab rotations in the first year, and a thesis or applied project in a laboratory in the second year.

Some of the possible labs for these training opportunities include:

Students in the Auditory and Language Neuroscience program develop a tailored curriculum from a wide range of electives, including:
  • SHS 543 Functional Neuroimaging of Language and Related Processes
  • SHS 598 Fundamentals of Cortical Electrophysiology I
  • SHS 598 Speech and Audio Processing and Perception
  • SHS 555 Cochlear Implants
  • SHS 513 Neurophysiology of the Auditory System
  • SHS 576 Neuromotor Speech Disorders
  • NEU 556 Human Systems Neuroscience
  • BMI 507 Introduction to Digital Image Analysis and Processing
  • BMI 515 Applied Biostatistics in Medicine and Informatics
  • BMI 591 Image Analytics and Informatics
  • BMI 591 Deep Learning for Imaging, Diagnostics, and Informatics

To view the admissions requirements and plan of study, and for the link to apply, please go to:

Program Contacts:
Program Coordinators: Dr. Corianne Rogalsky (
Graduate Academic Success Coordinator: Molly Rome (